We Make A Difference

We’ve helped our clients to save money on their energy supply, worked with them to reduce consumption and ensured legal compliance.

We’re proud of our track record and the tangible difference we make to our client’s bottom lines.

How We Work

Whether we’re managing all your energy needs, or a single aspect, we do what’s right for your business, without compromise.

That means we seek to understand every aspect of your organisation’s energy usage in order to provide tailored solutions that help you manage and minimise costs.

We start by understanding how your business uses energy. This usually involves detailed analysis of usage, cost and operational procedures as well as an understanding of any developments that may affect your future energy needs.

We deliver practical solutions to help you reduce energy consumption. Sometimes simple solutions deliver dramatic results. If a longer-term project is required, we undertake detailed cost/benefit analysis to ensure your business sees the difference on its bottom line.

Better energy management relies not just on technology, but on people too. That’s why we actively engage staff in energy efficiency programmes. Usually this involves the development of an Energy Team to identify and implement efficiency initiatives. However, it can also mean creating awareness programmes to ensure everyone plays their part in reducing energy consumption on a day-to-day basis.

We act as an integral member of your team, raising awareness and improving capability among your people so that control lies within your business, not ours.


A seemless service that allows you to concentrate on the important things . . . Running your business


We carry out a full review of your current situation and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what you currently have and the costs associated with those products


We arrange everything and take care of all of the paperwork so there is no interuption to you and your business


We then design a tailor made package that highlights what you currently have and how those areas can be improved and where savings can be made


We set up the new products and ensure everything comes into force as and when required. We then manage your portfolio and let you know as and when things can be improved



We are independent specialists for business energy advice

We are not tied to any business energy suppliers, so can offer truly impartial advice and support to get the right price and contract terms for your organisation.

We make a difference

Our focus is to help your organisation to save money by buying the right energy tariffs, negotiating the best contract terms and helping you to become more energy efficient.

We have significant experience

We have worked in business energy management for more than 30 years across a range of industries. We have in-depth expertise in the food and drink sector in particular.

We have an excellent track record

We have long-term relationships with our clients across the UK. Check out our case studies.

We are collaborative

Our approach is to build expertise within your business so that good energy management becomes simply ‘the way you do things’. That gives you long-term control.

We are proactive

We are professional and easy to work with. We provide a personal service so you’ll always speak to an expert you know and trust.

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